Ghana: Not Ripe For Marriage!


Project title: Not Ripe for Marriage – Using Drama, Durbars & Cultural songs and Dance competitions to end Child Early and Forced Marriages.

Project region: 4 Communities in Tolon District, Northern Region, Ghana

Period of implementation: 04/2018 – 01/2019.


Local partner: PAORP-VWC (Pan-African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children)


In the Tolon District in Northern Ghana, 90% of the population live in rural areas. The average age is very low. Less than one third of the population is literate and only 37% of the literates are women. In this region, harmful traditional practices, in particular early and forced marriages are very common. Every forth girl in the region Northern Ghana is married before the age of 18. This goes along with sexual exploitation, child pregnancy as well as a high rate of school drop-outs among girls – with vast consequences. Despite national laws that outlaw early and forced marriage, traditions and habits lead families to ignore the age and the consent of girls when they are married. Thousands of girls are thus deprived of educational and professional opportunities as well as of an autonomous future.

Target groups

Direct beneficiaries:

  • 5,000 girls who were forcefully married or are particularly at risk


As intermediates:

  • 5 traditional authorities
  • 10,000 women in traditional and religious communities
  • 5,000 men and 3,000 boys who have decisive power as fathers, brothers and husbands

Project Activities

  • Social drama, Cultural Songs and Dance Competition as well as Community Durbars and Debates to raise awareness
  • Workshops and Seminars in which leaders and representatives learn to identify harmful practices and find solutions
  • Sensitization of children in After School Learning and Play Centers, where they learn about their rights
  • Collection of Traditional African Proverbs and Sayings that underline the cultural heritage that protects children’s rights

Expected Results

  • Expand education for girls, and improving learning outcomes for the most marginalized girls, up to secondary school.
  • Strengthen local child protection systems through community committees that address threats of child marriage, resolve them or refer the cases to district authorities.
  • Accelerate the registration of births and marriages.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge about Human right of children and the law.
  • Help marginalized communities dotted within target communities to enrol their children in school to acquire the least basic education.  


Project costs: €12,099


This is a pilot project of KiRA with the new partner PAORP-VWC. The costs are covered by KiRA and PAORP-VWC.

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Picture at top: sketch performed by children during a community event to raise awareness about the harms of early marriage. © Horst Buchmann


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