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As a non-profit organisation, we have been active in the domain of children's rights for twenty years. Since 1996, we have implemented comprehensive and long-term children's rights projects together with our partners in African states.


We aim at the holistic development of children and young people.

Those are thus enabled to deal with the challenges of the future and take on responsibility for their families, social communities and country.


Our work is based on the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter for the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC).


KiRA is supported by a body of reputable members who, like our pluridisciplinary staff team, have years of experience in various African countries.

They have expert knowledge about development cooperation and the management of benevolent associations.

Our Vision

All children may grow up, regardless of where they come from, in a political, communal and social environment, which protects and promotes their basic rights and dignity. They grow to be peaceful and responsible citizens,

who contribute to shaping our common future.


The first United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child, called the Geneva Declaration of 1924, states “mankind owes to the child the best that it has to give”.

In this sense, we aim at contributing sustainably to enforcing the basic and inalienable rights of children and young people in Africa.

Our Mission

We contribute to set up a social environment which protects and promotes children’s rights, particularly in African countries.


In this sense, it is important to us, that:

  • Basic needs of children are met and children are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation, social exclusion, neglect and despotism,
  • All children – girls as well as boys – have equal and inalienable rights, opportunities for their personal development and future prospects,
  • The dignity of children is respected,
  • Children grow up in peace and freedom (with their family if possible), are socially integrated and participate within their community.


We want to make an effective and lasting contribution thereto by concrete activities that are particularly child-focused, as well as by political and legal action, such as the mobilisation and training of State agents or legal reforms.


In our partnerships with local civil society organisations, we provide capacity training for effective children's rights advocacy and social work.

Picture above: Our members at the general assembly 2015 © KiRA

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