Protecting children against sexual violence and child trafficking

Including abuse, child prostitution and child marriage


Project Title: Strengthening families and local institutions for protecting children better from sexual abuse and any kind of child trafficking in Benin


Period of implementation: 1st Nov. 2017 – 31st Oct. 2020



  • Ouémé department with 6 focus municipalities (Dangbo, Bonou, Akpro-Missérété, Porto-Novo, Avrankou et Sèmè-Podji)
  • and 7 departments in Southern and Central Benin (Collines, Couffo, Zou, Plateau, Mono, Atlantique et Littoral). 


Local executing partner: CIPCRE-Benin

Project summary

In Benin, the legal framework to protect children from sexual violence was strengthened in 2015 and 2016 with the help of our last project ("violence-free schools") that we implemented in the Ouémé region with CIPCRE-Benin. For example, a code of conduct against sexual harassment and violence was institutionalized in all schools of Benin.


Additionally, various sensitization activities have raised public awareness of the phenomena and the risks that children, especially girls, are exposed to, as well as of denunciation and protection measures. Sexual abuse is no longer a taboo topic in public and, as a result, more and more harassments and cases of abuse are denounced.


Nevertheless, numerous children, especially girls, continue to experience sexual violence, forced marriage and child trafficking for economic and/or sexual exploitation (child labor and child prostitution). Transnational child trafficking is particularly wide-spread in the Ouémé department, a region close to the Nigerian border.


The project thus aims at reducing these phenomena, at raising more awareness for the risks and various forms of violence that children are exposed to and at enhancing child protection in everyday life.


Sexual violence being particularly wide-spread in and around schools and professional training sites, the project pays particular attention to the collaboration with educational institutions, students and trainees. Contact persons, so-called “peer educators”, are trained and supported in sensitizing their class-mates or colleagues.

Project objectives

Project aim is to reduce the diverse forms of sexual abuse and child trafficking in Benin.

  1. Children, particularly girls in the 50 municipalities of the 8 departments of southern and central Benin learn in an institutional environment that protects them from sexual abuse and child trafficking.
  2. Children in 6 focus municipalities have knowledge about their rights and their responsibilities, reproductive health and risks. Most vulnerable children benefit from appropriate protection measures.
  3. A code of conduct has been generalized in educational institutions, which also respect the best interest of the child.

Involved Groups / Beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries:

  • More than 250,000 girls and boys of 8 departments in Southern and Central Benin (50 municipalities), in particular:
    - 120 peer educators in professional training
    - 300 children at risk (200 children from low-income families and 100 children living far from their parents)
    - 1,250 student peer educators from secondary schools
    - 248,330 further children
  • about 6,000 parents from 6 focus municipalities in the project region.


As intermediates

  • 1,023 representatives from institutions
  • 1,000 students in professional training for Gendarmerie, military, police, teaching etc.


Total project costs: € 609,400


Financial Partners:

  • German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation - Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)
  • CIPCRE-Benin
  • Kinderrechte Afrika (KiRA) e. V. (donations)

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