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For us to be able to pursue and expand our work, we depend on your support by:

  • Your donation
    Your call for donations (i. e. instead of presents for anniversaries, parties, birthdays)
  • Your sponsoring membership
  • Your sponsorship for a group of children  (i.e. in child protection centers of our partners)
  • Your personal involvement (i.e. by creating a local fund-raising group)


Your contribution is important!


It helps children to gain access to their fundamental rights

and to develop their future prospects.




By donating for a particular project or our work in general, you help us ensure the continuous implementation of your activities.


Donate online or make your donation to:


Kinderrechte Afrika e. V.

Donations account:
76004044 Sparkasse Offenburg
Bank code 664 500 50

IBAN: DE69 6645 0050 0076 0040 44

KiRA is recognised by the Lahr tax office as a non-profit organisation which serves purely benevolent purposes and certified by the DZI-Spendensiegel of the German Istitute for Social Issues.


Don't forget to leave your complete address, if you need a receipt!


Become a sponsoring member


Your sponsor membership gives us financial and planning security

to implement our projects.


Contact us to become a sponsoring member!


Initiate a Fund-raising activity!


Start your own activity to support our projects -

as a group, a school class or individually!


For exemple, sports, cultural or political events are possibilities to raise funds.


Contact us if you have an idea or want to know more about how to start an event!


Picture above: students of the Kurt-Waibel school in Schwetzingen became involved with the "Social Day" and raised 1,120.60 € for our projects. Thank you! © Rieger/Schwetzinger Zeitung

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