Our experienced consultants

Andreas Boening, MBA

Master of Buisiness Administration


Function: Executive director of KiRA, responsible for finance planning and the execution of projects.

Experience: In development cooperation since 1994.

Priority countries: Benin, Cameroun, D. R. Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Mali, Togo.

Focus topics: Finance and budget planning, administration and control of finances, professionalising financial administration systems.

Languages: German, French, English, Kisuahili.

Katja Zug, LLM

Master in Children’s Rights 


Function: project management and legal questions

Experience: In development cooperation since 2003.

Priority countries: Ivory Coast, D.R. Congo, Mali, Togo.

Focus Topics: Children’s rights, staff and project management, analyses comparing legislation in the field of juvenile criminal law and juvenile criminal proceedings.

Languages: German, French, English, Spanish (basic knowledge).

Elisabeth Munsch

Social Worker


Function: Project monitoring and accompanying.            

Experience: In development cooperation since 1985.

Priority countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, D.R. Congo, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo.

Focus Topics: Social work and children’s rights work, project management.

Languages: French, German (basic knowledge) and English (basic knowledge).

Claus Hemker, Dipl. Ing.

Architect, consultant and professor


Function: founding member, associated consultant

Experience: since 1985 active in development cooperation, i.e. accompanying planning and construction of day care centers, orphanages and child protection centers

Priority countries: worldwide as a consultant. Previously in Cameroon, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Burkina Faso, D. R. Congo, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Haiti, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Eastern Europe

Focus Topics/Consulting for: conception, planning, recommendations and evaluation of construction projects, conception and management of reconstruction programs, risk management, staff training

Languages: German, English, French

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