Benin: Setting up a training farm for girls in support of the child protection center La Passerelle


Location: Porto Novo, Benin


Duration: January 2020 to December 2021


Local project partner: Espace Solidarité Globale Bénin (ESGB)


Our partner ESGB accompanies children, especially girls, who have experienced violence, sexual or economic exploitation, child trafficking, early and forced marriage, exclusion or neglect. Until there is an opportunity for their reintegration, these children find shelter and support in the protection center of ESGB "La Passerelle ".


The basic necessities for a girl in the center (food, clothing, hygiene products, necessary medical care etc.) cost on average 1.50 € per day. Together with running costs of the center (electricity, water, care and counselling of the girls) it is 4.00 € per day and girl. ESGB has made great efforts to acquire local donations and funding for this purpose, but these can only cover a small part of the needs and do not constitute a sustainable financing concept.

The Benin State does not provide financial support for civil society social institutions. ESGB now faces the challenge to ensure the care, protection and support of these children on its own behalf.


This project hence supports ESGB in setting up a farm, which contributes to the self-sufficiency of the center and the farm based on sustainable organic farming methods and a solar-powered electricity supply. The cultivation of cereal, fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants shall support the healthy and balanced nutrition of the children at La Passerelle and by selling surpluses helps to cover further expenses like clothing, hygiene products, school materials, etc.


In addition, the farm is intended to provide a basic training opportunity for girls aged 14 and over who are no longer able to become enrolled in school and who are interested in a future in agriculture. While providing concrete future perspectives, the training enhances their independence, thus turning them less exposed to poverty, exploitation and violence.

Aims of the project

The overall objective is to improve the protection of children as well as the future opportunities for girls in the Ouémé region in Benin.


Project objective: The training farm of ESGB contributes to sustainable protection and support as well as to improved future prospects for children in the center La Passerelle.



  1. La Passerelle is strengthened in its financial independence and can provide for at least 200 children in need each year, largely self-sufficient.
  2. The farm of ESGB has its own solar-powered electricity.
  3. The center provides yearly 10 interested girls with qualified training in sustainable ecological agriculture.

Project activities

  • Building infrastructure on the farm, including
    • Simple accommodations
    • Simple gender-segregated sanitary facilities (latrines and shower)
    • Kitchen with energy-efficient cooking hob, sink for washing dishes and clothes
    • Round hut as social center of the farm, for meals, conversations, cultural activities and theoretical training units
    • Storage room for equipment and agricultural products
    • Simple stables for goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens
    • a photovoltaic installation for an autonomous energy supply, including staff training for the maintenance of the installation
  • Equipping the farm buildings with beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, benches, shelves, tableboard, motorcycle
  • Setting up and carrying out agricultural activities for the self-sufficiency of the La Passerelle, including:
    • Cultivation of cereals and vegetables,
    • Plantation of fruit and timber trees (e.g. orange, papaya, avocado, banana, lemon, palm trees),
    • Cultivation of medical plants,
    • Animal raising
    • Composting for fertilization
  • Basic training for 10 girls over the age of 14 interested in a future in agriculture
  • Support for the girls to start their self-employment after completing their training (work equipment, seeds, chickens, ...)


Project costs: 43,063 euros


Financial partners:

  • The project is co-funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg through the Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit (SEZ).
  • The Urbis Foundation funds the photovoltaic installation on the farm.
  • In addition, own resources of ESGB and KiRA (i.e. donations) contribute to financing the project.
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Images: Girls accompanied by ESGB participate in agricultural activities.



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