"Let's stand up for our rights!" - A variety of activities to celebrate 30 years of Children’s Rights



In November 2019, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) turned 30. Our partners in Mali, Ghana, Benin and Cameroun organized a vast variety of activities to commemorate 30 years of children’s rights. Led by the common slogan “Let’s stand up for our rights, our future is waiting!”, children became protagonists in claiming more protective measures from state authorities, civil society agents and parents in the four countries. In creative ways, they also presented their answers to two key questions, “What makes you happy?” and “What makes you unhappy?”.


At the occasion of the Day of the African Child (16th June), we would like to make their activities more visible. We take this also as an opportunity to remind, that the year of 2020 in fact marks the 30th anniversary of the African Charter of the Rights and the Well-Being of the Child (ACRWC). This charter by the African Union defines Children’s Rights by taking into account important aspects of the African context.



In five villages of our rural project areas, children used poetry and plays to raise awareness for the negative consequences that violations of children’s rights entail. They addressed their claims to state representatives and parents. Their activities were covered by the local media to reach an even wider public.



In Porto Novo, our partners ESGB and CIPCRE organized a street march with children's groups. It led to the court of Porto Novo, where speakers of the groups publicly addressed their message for a better management of legal proceedings in favor of children to the president of the court.

Poems and sketches elaborated and presented by the children additionally served to raise awareness for the importance of protecting children’s rights. The session concluded in the official hand-over of the children’s claims to the president of the court.


In the Far North region of Cameroun, our partner ALDEPA organized an exhibition at its headquarters to inform about their approaches to protect children’s rights. 300 people attended the vernissage. Children contributed with testimonies, playful and theatrical activities to make their situation and needs heard to the public. Local radio stations broadcasted special programs to gain a wider audience for the activities.

In the capital Yaoundé, Central region, and in Bafoussam, Western region of Cameroon, school fairs were initiated by our Partner CIPCRE Cameroun. High school students performed dances and plays relating to child rights violations. In open debates, the students discussed their own responsibilities in making children’s rights real. 

A student theater group also animated an interactive radio-debate on the topic.


In the Northern region of Ghana, different groups of children expressed their views on the challenges they face in protecting their rights. Following a street fleet, they presented petitions to state representatives in the different districts. The celebrations for the commemorating 30 years of children’s right were marked by a strong participation and great enthusiasm of the members of the local communities.


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