Your Advantages



  • Advice for content and methdology, from the planning phase to the completion phase - e. g. financial winding up (in Germany or on site)
  • Regular visits to enhance the progress of the projects of your partners on site
  • Subject-specific training for your partners
  • Regular expert advice on the subject of project management, or advice on the development of the organisation of your partners on location



Advantages and benefits for our partners



Conceptional level

  • Professionalising the project work on implementing children’s rights
  • Quality assurance for projects and activities
  • Consideration and involvement of children in projects

Methodical level

  • Results-based work and assurance of achieving objectives
  • Implementing suitable project planning, and a monitoring and evaluation system (PME system)

Strengthening the partners' ability to act

  • Improving the structures of the organisation
  • Strengthening the administrative and financial management
  • Conforming to norms and standards of their financial partners

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