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We support your organisation in terms of content as well as project management from the preparation phase to completion.


Choose individual elements to match your requirements from the list below.

Preparation / Project Development


  • Project development and planning, with regards to work on children’s rights
  • Workshops on the development of ideas and the integration of children’s rights-based aspects into a project
  • Drafting project proposals (in Germany and on site)



Project Start-up


  • Forming a team
  • Formulating goals, rough planning with the team and setting down milestones
  • Formulating indicators
  • Planning documentation and communication




Detailed Planning


Support in the planning process (i. e. carrying out workshops)

  • Developing strategies for the concrete implementation of children’s rights projects
  • Strengthening public relations and lobby work on the subject of children’s rights
  • Drafting work plans
  • Setting up a monitoring system (project management & project cycle)


Advice and development on the organisation of local NGOs

  • Improving the internal structure and operation of an NGO
  • Staff management/functional management
  • Public relations and fundraising
  • Finance management for projects
  • Drafting guidlines, procedures and handbooks (“good practice”)




Implementing and Monitoring Projects


Project supervision

  • Advice on implementing and adapting the existing monitoring system (incl. workshops on monitoring project activities with subsequent updating )
  • Promoting project monitoring with active participation
  • Regular visits to enhance the progress of the project content


Training on:

  • Children’s rights and social work
  • Education/participation of children
  • Communication and public relations
  • Legal issues in the field of children’s rights
  • Finance administration
  • General administration and staff administration
  • Participatory working methods in the implementation of child rights projects




Evaluation and Project Conclus


  • Support in compiling final documents (general reports and finance reports, audits)
  • Participatory analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the whole project
  • Recording the ‘lessons learnt’ and ‘good practices’
  • Subsequent evaluation of the whole project

Picture above: wooden statue by our member Peter Klein. © Peter Klein


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