Our Projects in Africa

Our projects aim at the rehabilitation of children in need and at the sustainable improvement of their living situation. In order to prevent future violations of children’s rights, we empower civil society structures to develop a protective and fostering environment for children. We support African States via their local representatives to effectively implement children's rights.


Our projects thus follow a holistic approach that intervenes on three axes (children, civil society and the State), is participatory and sustainable.


Children in situations of distress:

  • Consultation and orientation
  • Vital care, medical, psychological and legal assistance
  • Family, school and professional reintegration
  • Material support for school-attendance, an apprenticeship or the start of an income generating activity
  • Follow-up visits


State representatives and bodies:

  • Advocacy at mayors, police, gendarmerie, and representatives of the judiciary
  • Training of these agents in children’s rights, the particular issues of the project as well as their roles therein
  • Equipping them with the according national and international legal texts
  • Formalizing partnerships for the protection of children
  • Elaborating and distributing best practices


Civil society:

  • Awareness-raising for members of local associations, civil society organizations, unions of women, children and adolescents, the media as well as parents, teachers, school principals, religious and traditional authorities
  • Functional training of these agents to take appropriate action and raise awareness in their environment
  • Creation of local committees for child protection in communities as well as follow-up on these committees
  • Formalization of partnerships with the media to spread reports and interactive radio broadcasts on the issues of the project
  • Training of responsibles and establishing a chain of agents for an appropriate and concerted treatment of cases of (sexual) abuse, exploitation, neglect, forced marriage, trafficking and the detainment of children

Our Current and Recent Projects

Since 1996, we have implemented more than 80 projects with our local partners in 10 African countries.


Our current and recent projects:


  • in Ghana, fighting child trafficking, early and forced marriage


  • in Togo supporting children in distress, children accused of witchcraft and victims of violence


  • in Benin protecting children from sexual violence and child trafficking


  • in Benin, setting up a farm for promoting training opportunities for girls as well as self-sufficiency of the protection center La Passerelle


  • in Benin promoting protective family environments for children by family mediation (project ended Dec. 2019)


  • in Cameroun empowering children to promote a peaceful society in a region struck by frequent terror activities


  • in Cameroun building a child protection center for children in situations of distress


  • in Cameroun supporting children deprived of liberty and children affected by child trafficking, economic and/or sexual exploitation and forced recruitment by terror groups (project ended Dec. 2019)


  • in Cameroun fighting sexist discriminations, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children, particularly girls (project ended April 2018)


  • in Mali supporting girls exploited as domestic servants (project ended Dec. 2018)


  • in Mali promoting the acces to qualitative education for children in rural areas through local civil society initiatives


Concluded Projects

In close cooperation with our African partner organizations, we have been contributing to implementing children's rights in African countries for 22 years.


For example for


children deprived of liberty/detained in prisons or police stations
- D.R. Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, Togo.


infants growing up in prisons with their detained mothers
- D. R. Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, Togo.


children who have experienced marginalization and neglect, children living and/or working in the street ("street children")
- Benin, D.R. Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mali, Togo.


children, especially girls, affected by sexual exploitation and violence, including early and forced marriage, child prostitution
- Benin, D.R. Congo, Cameroon, Mali, Togo.


children in armed conflicts, (civil) war or subject to forced migration
- D.R. Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia.


economically exploited children, i. e. in households, on markets or farms, including slavery
- Ivory Coast, Mali, Togo, Cameroon.


marginalised girls and young mothers in despair
- Mali.


children with disabilities
- Ivory Coast.

as well as


the elaboration of best practices in the field of children's rights

- Benin, D.R. Congo, Ivory Coast, Gaboun, Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Togo

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Picture above: Drama performance with children in our project in Ivory Coast. Children have a right to participate in cultural activities.

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